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ENS Support Documentation

Welcome to ENS Support! This site aims to be a resource where you can find out more about ENS, get answers to commonly asked questions and learn to do new things with your ENS name by following step-by-step guides.

What is ENS?

The Ethereum Name Service or ENS is the decentralized naming protocol that is built on the Ethereum blockchain...

Register a name

An easy to follow guide on how to register an ENS name

Core Concepts

The Core Concepts section contains concise reference information on ENS Core Concepts, Records, Registrations, and Renewals

Support FAQ

The Support FAQ answers common support questions received in the ENS Discord and ENS Twitter Support accounts.


The How-To section contains step-by-step guides that are easy to follow


If you have any questions about ENS feel free to reach out for help:

If you'd like to join the community, join our Discord or the ENS DAO Governance forum:

  • ENS DAO Governance Forum
    The official discussion forum for the ENS Decentralized Autonomous Organization that governs ENS.