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What can I use an ENS name for?

An easy to remember name for everything

The first and most common use case for an ENS name is to use it as an easy-to-remember name for your cryptocurrency addresses. ENS supports many different cryptocurrencies which can be added from the ENS Manager App, allowing you to receive payments in more cryptocurrencies than just Ethereum.

This alleviates the confusion associated with remembering your hexadecimal wallet address and provides easy payment options.

ENS names go far beyond that, however, allowing you to add all kinds of records to it from social media links, to profile pictures, custom records, and decentralized websites. This gives you a name that can serve as your complete Web3 identity.

Point to decentralized websites

By coupling your decentralized ENS name with a service for hosting decentralized websites, it's possible to have an entirely decentralized website suitable for Web3. The protocols currently supported are:

Supported Protocols
    InterPlanetary FileSystem & its name resolution service

  • Arweave
    The PermaWeb Hard Drive

  • Onion 2 & 3
    The Tor Onion Router

  • Sia
    Sia decentralized data storage

  • Swarm (bzz)
    Swarm decentralized data storage

Connect metadata to your Web3 identity

  • Social media
    ENS Names support numerous text records which can be used to provide on-chain metadata to connect to your social media accounts. For example, you can add your Twitter or Discord handles to your ENS records.

  • URLs and E-Mail
    Your ENS name can store your e-mail and website so people can easily find them.

  • Custom Text records
    Your ENS name is also capable of storing custom records to can contain nearly anything you want to display or integrate into your services.