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Contributor Guidelines


  • If the changes are objective (i.e. correcting spelling mistakes, punctuation, code mistakes etc) they can be PR’ed without prior discussion
  • If the changes are subjective (i.e. changing a confusing sentence to another one) post about it and your suggested change in the User Docs Chat so we can brainstorm it and come to a consensus before the PR


  • All articles should be in the MDX file format and written by hand (as opposed to using a WYSIWYG-tool) since they produce results that are difficult to work with.

  • Code blocks should use the correct type to make use of syntax highlighting where possible, for example:

    This is a codeblock without syntax highlighting enabled

    // Code block without syntax highlighting
    console.log('Hello World');

    And here it is with syntax highlighting enabled

    // Code block with syntax highlighting
    console.log('Hello World');
  • Keep in mind to double space where needed.

  • Word wrapping must be turned off in your editor for the site generator to produce the expected results.

Arrows & Indicators

  • We use Flameshot as the official tool to capture screenshots and add arrows, indicators etc.

  • Use colour: #ff6500 for arrows and indicators and a thickness of 30%

    Example arrow


  • Diagrams should be in Mermaid code where possible, for example:

is generated using this code:

Mermaid diagram code
init: {
'flowchart': {
'curve': 'linear'
} } }%%

graph LR;
E(Mermaid Diagram);

classDef active stroke-width:4px;
classDef inactive stroke-dasharray: 5 5;

class A inactive;
class B active;

E -.-> A;


  • Images should be in the PNG file format and at least 1024x768 large if used within a browser component

  • For the V3 Manager App's small widgets submit images of it with the background cut out in an alpha-layer enabled PNG. For example:

    Remove the background and make sure that the background layer is an alpha-layer

  • For any images used outside of a browser component there should be dark and light versions (for theme switching)

  • Prefix the name of your article to any images associated with it. For example: If your article is named ens-names.mdx then name images associated with it “ens-names-description”.

This helps keep the static image folder structure easy to navigate. (In the near future, all images will be moved into sub-folders of articles to remove this requirement, currently this folder structure exists to make batch image compression fine tuning simpler)

Git PR process

  • Direct commits are not allowed, make sure to commit your files from a branch descriptive of your changes, such as bugfix-1, patch-1, etc.
  • If the changes are minor, consider bundling them into a larger commit to avoid PR overload (there’s no need for one PR per spelling error per page)
  • Ensure that your changes are staged properly, and commits accurately describe their changes (i.e. don’t commit “adding images” with 4 images attached, but also an unrelated code fix)