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Link a DNS name

Hosting providers

A list of popular hosting providers and which DNSSEC key types they support1

Hosting providers
Hosting providersDNSSECRSA/SHA-256ECDSADetails
easyDNSYesYesYesDNSSEC Guide
Google Cloud DNSYesYesYesDNSSEC Guide
NamecheapYesYesYesDNSSEC Guide

Step 1: Enable DNSSEC

Go to the ENS Manager App and search for your DNS name. You should see a screen like this:

If your DNS provider supports DNSSEC, all you do is enable the option in their DNS manager:

If they don’t, you’ll need to migrate to a DNS provider that does. See:

Hosting providers

Step 2: Add the TXT-record

The DNS Registrar on ENS looks for a TXT record to verify ownership of the domain. This record has the following attributes:

TXT record
Contentsa=wallet address

To prove ownership of your DNS name, create a TXT record in your DNS zone,, with text data of the form a=walletaddress... where walletaddress is the Ethereum wallet you want to give control of the ENS record to.

Step 3: Linking the name with ENS

Now you should be able to go back to the ENS Manager App and finish linking the DNS name with ENS by pressing Register.


I’ve updated the DNS records, but it’s not proceeding to the next steps.

It can take time for record changes in DNS to propagate throughout the Internet. If you are sure the records are set properly, try waiting for some amount of time and refreshing the DNS import page.

I've set up DNSSEC but the ENS Manager App doesn't detect it

Use a DNSSEC Analyzer tool to look for errors.

  1. The key-types hosting providers support may have changed since this list was last verified on June 22nd, 2022.