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How to register a name

Go to the ENS Manager App

Go to the ENS Manager App and connect your wallet.

Search for the ENS name you want

Provided that the name you searched for is available, click on it to continue to the registration.

Registering your ENS name

Registering an ENS name is a three step process:

Transaction details
Request to RegisterA 0 ETH commit transaction to prevent frontrunning
Wait 60 secondsA 60 second waiting time
RegisterThe actual registration transaction

Step 1: Request to register

Click Request to Register to start Step 1 of the registration process. A 0 ETH transaction is performed where your name is hashed with a secret key so that no one else can view the name you're trying to register.


While this transaction does not have a transaction value, it still incurs a gas fee.

  • This step stores a secret key in your browser's local storage. To avoid having to repeat this step, make sure to not clear your cache or switch browsers.

  • You have 7 days to complete Step 3 before the Request to Register transaction expires. However, the ENS name is not reserved for you during this time.

Verify that the cost of the transaction is what you expect it to be and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Step 2: Wait 60 seconds

After the Step 1 transaction completes there's a 60-second waiting period to prevent front running.

Step 3: Register

Now it's time to Register your ENS name. Click the register button and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Congratulations! If all transactions went through successfully you should now be the proud owner of your very own ENS name!