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Add a Custom Service Key (V3)

To add a custom record to your ENS name, open the name’s profile editor by clicking Edit profile

In the ENS Manager app, there are common account service records you can add to your ENS name’s profile. For instance, GitHub, Twitter, and Discord can easily be added by clicking on the Accounts tab.

What if you want to create a custom record for an Account service not listed already? For example, you want to save your YouTube channel name into your ENS records. To set a custom record, click the tab named Other.

Since YouTube is not listed as an account service by default, we will need to save a custom service key and value pair.

Service keys are in the reverse dot format. Therefore, click + Add Record and type in the record name field as:
Next, click Add


Not every custom key should use the reverse dot format. Keys can be named anything, but account service keys should follow a standard reverse dot convention.

After clicking Add, a new line to input the value for the record will show. In this field, type in your YouTube channel name or user.

Finally, click Save. This will open a wallet request to save the data to the blockchain. Now a record for will exist under your ENS name! There is no limit to the amount or types of records you can use.