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How to set an Avatar

What does it do?

The avatar record allows you to select a custom background image for your ENS name metadata to display in services that support it.

Without the Avatar set

With the Avatar set

Set the Avatar

Go to the ENS Manager App and make sure to connect with with the wallet set as Manager for the ENS name you want to manage and click Names to bring up a list of your ENS names or search for an ENS name you own directly from the main page.

Click the ENS name you want to set the Avatar on.

Then click Edit profile to go to your profile settings.

Click the "Camera"-button to bring up a sub-menu of options to set your Avatar.

Select how to set your avatar


In the sub-menu you have two options to set the NFT:

  1. Upload an image from your computer
  2. Select an NFT from your wallet
To upload an image file from your computer, click `Upload Image` and select an image file from your computer to upload.

Use the slider to crop the image to your liking and click `Continue`

Then click `Sign and Upload` to start the upload process.

Click Save to save the changes


Note that this only saves them locally, and the next steps are required to publish it to the blockchain

Confirm that the changes are correct, and then click Open Wallet and sign the transaction with your wallet to modify the ENS name on-chain.

Once you've signed the transaction in your wallet, wait for the transaction to complete.


The speed of your transaction depends on Ethereum network congestion and the values set for gas on the transaction. The higher you set the gas, the faster it will be performed. If you set the gas too low, the transaction might stall and never complete.

When the transaction has completed your avatar is set. Click Done to go back to the ENS name page.

Congratulations! Your avatar is now set and should be visible from the ENS name page.

Try it out!

Now try using a few different services to see your new avatar in action! Here's how it looks in a few popular services:

The ENS Manager App/Site will show your Avatar in the top-right corner, along with your wallet address.


If you're encountering problems you might find your issue addressed below!

The image on the avatar doesn't cover the entire background

In order for the image set as the avatar to cover the entire background it needs to be square. If the image appears on your avatar with a border on sides or on the top, that's because you've set an image that isn't square (of equal width and height).