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Set a Primary name

  • The ETH Address record of the ENS name must first point to the wallet you want to set the Primary Name on

If you haven't set the ETH Address record to your ENS name, see

Go to the ENS Manager App with the wallet set as Manager for the ENS name you want to manage and click Names to bring up a list of your ENS names or search for an ENS name you own directly from the main page.


Click the ENS name you want to set as Primary in your wallet.


Click Set as Primary name


If your ENS name doesn't show up in the Primary drop-down list, it's usually because the ENS name's ETH Address record doesn't point to your ENS name. To resolve it, see

Verify that your Primary name works‚Äč

Look up your wallet address on Etherscan to check that the Primary Name works correctly.